Fishing in North Queensland



Join me on a virtual trip as I share the action from our pristene tropical waters!    

Welcome to Fishing in North Queensland! This is a site I have made purely out of my lifelong passion in fishing for powerful tropical species. It all started approximately eight years ago when the first images were uploaded and first articles put to paper and boy have there been some changes. Over time I have begun to make this site something more than an online encyclopaedia of fishing info. Its somewhere people can also post images to share their experiences across NQ as well as brush up on basic knowledge. We sure live in a special part of the world here. 

 Look no further than the photo galleries to see dozens of albums added by a vast and diverse pool of anglers. Whether you are planning a trip away or wanting to see up to date catches this photo gallery is a great feature. It is free to join up as a member- this will give you the chance to communicate to other NQ anglers. Each year getting the time to update the site has been admittedly harder due to changes with work and general increase in life's responsibilities but I still strive to keep these pages alive!

 Fishing is a truly wonderful pastime and I have been privileged to make many lifelong friendships through it, not to mention experience a world of adventure that most regular people hardly know exists. My goal is to share these experiences as they come and I really hope you can share yours with the other members.

So get comfortable- I hope you enjoy your visit...FISH ON!

Cheers, Dan